Custom Built PCs

Customer Build PCs SouthamptonHere at Plate PCs we believe top quality parts should be used within all of our desktop builds. We only use parts that we would use ourselves. We understand that everybody’s needs are different so our machines will be tailor made to what you need out of a computer; be it simply browsing the internet with a super quiet machine or you need a designers work horse that will not strain when trying to edit movies and videos using video editing software.

The brands that we stick to primarily are Asus for Motherboards as they are known for their reliability as well as flexibility when working with a variety of hardware and software.
We use Corsair RAM because not only are they well known in the industry but they also carry a truly life time warranty with their products.

A Power Supply or PSU is a very much overlooked part of any Custom Build. If your machine doesn’t have the power to run all your High Spec parts properly you’ll be certain to run into problems in the future. We at Plates PCs only use Corsair PSU’s as they are concidered very good for an Energy Source as well as being very well made! So will give you the confidence in your new machine.

If the computer needs a graphics card then we primarily stick to NVidia cards as they have gotten the name as the most stable card manufacture but depending on the needs of the end user we will also be able to look down the AMD graphics card route if the programs used are very OpenGL based.

In terms of storage used for machines we use a brand called Western Digital for Hard Disk Drives or HDDs for short, these drives are known to be some of the most reliable in the world (one of our techs has a drive that’s 6 years old and still going strong after constant daily use!). We normally recommend the use of either a 500GB or 1TB drive but again we will tailor make this machine to your needs. If boot time is a big factor then we will recommend a Solid State Drive or SSD for short. And use one of those as a boot drive and then have a mechanical Hard disk for storage.

And finally the majority of the chassis we use are manufactured by a company called Cooler Master they have great airflow and the internal fans are generally heard as a feint whisper but again if you need something that will allow for more Hard drive space or you’re in need of a machine that’s even more quiet then we will be able to find a chassis that is not only suitable but well designed.

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