Plates PC’s provide the following services to a very high standard…

Custom Built PCs
If you have specific computing needs, whether just your own PC or a bespoke network suite for your office, we can build a system specifically to suit your requirements.

Virus Removal
Virus’ can cause anything from complete system failure to a deterioration in PC performance, or even just a few annoying popups! We have many tools that we can use to locate and remove these threats and get your computer back running to its full potential.

Wired/Wireless Networks
If you are having problems with your existing wired or wireless network in your home or office, or if you are looking to set up a new network, we can assist you. We specialise in troubleshooting network problems such as if you are having problems getting a particular laptop on your network or getting a wireless printer working.

Laptop Services
With any kind of laptop from the Apple Macbook to an Asus Laptop, anything can go wrong. You may need a new screen, a new keyboard or simply just a clean and tune up. You may even want to add some memory or ram to your laptop to make it run faster, either way we can advise the best solution to get you back up and running.

Apple Support
We provide support for both PC and Mac users.

Computer Training
We offer computer, laptop and Mac training, from learning how to email to learning a new system. Either way we are here to help and support you.

Not sure on the best method of backup to protect your data? We provide you with a solution to suit you.

Repairs, Services & Upgrades
If your computer is running slowly, it may just need a service from one of our technicians, these are great value for money and can give your computer a new lease of life. We can also provide you with information and help on the most sensible upgrade solutions for your system if you are looking for a boost in performance.

iPhone and iPad Screen Repairs
If you have broken the screen or LCD display on your iPhone, or it just needs a software update we can help.

Email and Internet Support
If you are a newbie to computers, or have changed providers and require either some basic computer training or some weekly in store training, then we can help bring you up to date and support you along the way.

If you are looking for a website for your business or hobby, whether its just a simple few pages or an online shopping cart we can develop a website to suit you.

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