The Apple Watch: is it worth the hype?

Smartwatches have been on the market since 2001, which bursts the balloon of those selling them as new and trendy. Recent models from big brands or crowd-funded efforts, working with your smartphone via an app, have also been around for a few years. But gadget lovers have been waiting for Apple’s take on the smartwatch to really propel the concept as both trendy and popular.

The Apple Watch is currently on show in Apple’s own and some designer stores, with the devices on-sale on the 24th April. That’s if you can find one, as supply dates are rapidly being pushed back as eager users pre-order them, with over a million reportedly sold in the States. With prices ranging from £479 up to £13,500, there are devices for all serious budgets, but the watch is positioned and designed as very much a status symbol first, with early reviews suggesting it is awaiting the killer app that will give it the same impact that the iPhone and the iPad had.

With that in mind, there is no reason beyond hype to buy the Apple Watch, except to be seen with one. Over time, apps, better battery life, smartphone integration (beyond health monitoring and messaging) will make it a useful acquisition for those slaved to their smartphones.

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