How does adware get on your machine?

Adware is a piece of software that starts popping up unwanted adverts on your PC, and it’s remarkably easy to pick up inadvertently. All you have to do is download a free or trial piece of utility software (often system optimisers, chat apps or other programs), which may seem innocent enough. However, as you install it, check the small print and ensure you untick any boxes that allow it to install extra programs, “offers” or “sponsor messages”. These are the most common sources of adware and are very easy to overlook.

Some adware can be installed on your PC invisibly when you download an innocent program. These adware tools show the maker’s own choice of ads instead of the ones you would normally see when browsing the web. These usually lead to yet more adware filled products or scams, and deprive genuine advertisers of revenue. Look out for sites offering to update your version of Adobe Flash, or other common pieces of Windows software, as these often lead to adware infected downloads.

To be safe, only download utilities and applications from well-respected download services. Install an adware scanner to monitor your system for adware and spyware, and never download apps or updates from unofficial sites – always go to Microsoft, Adobe, Intel or the app’s own page to get the latest version. If you’re struggling with adware, contact your local computer virus removal specialist for technical support for some quick, professional help.

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